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Life on Campus

Going to college allows you to meet new people, learn about other cultures, and join clubs or organizations that may create life-long connections. Being involved on campus will make your college experience fun, give you a chance to take a break from school work, and help you to build the social skills that you will need once you are out in the real world. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your campus experience.

  • Live in a dorm--at least to start. Living in a dorm is a great way to meet people and develop friendships. Some universities have dorms that are only for students who are enrolled in a particular major or program, which makes it easier to meet people who have the same interests you may have.


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  • Attend sporting events, such as your school's football or basketball games. It's a great way to see, and be a part of, school spirit in action! Most events are free or discounted for students who are currently enrolled in classes.

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  • Join a team or organization, such as an intermural sports team, student council, or a fraternity or sorority. There are also clubs or fraternal groups that are organized around a particular major.

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  • Work on campus. Working in the campus dining hall, library, your major's department, or a computer lab not only allows you to make money and gain experience, but also to meet other students, professors, or other faculty who are on campus.

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For more information about college life and to compare high school and college life visit http://www.going-to-college.org./campuslife/discovering.html

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