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Staying In State

If you've ruled out staying in-state for college, think again. There are some great advantages to going to school in your home state.

  • Cost 
    Many public institutions offer discounted tuition rates for in-state residents. Contact you
    r state government to find out what requiremeUSM Mapnts you must meet to qualify as a resident of your state. Then check with the schools to which you are interested in applying to find out if they offer lower tuition for students coming from in-state.

    If you go to college within commuting distance to your home, you may also be able to save on housing costs by living at home.

  • Flexibility
    When you live close to where you go to school, you can easily get home to visit friends, family, enjoy a home-cooked meal, do laundry, etc. Or, if you prefer, you can spend the entire semester on campus and never go home. The choice is yours!


  • Familiarity
    No matter where you go to college, there are lots of changes to adapt to: dorm life, a less structured schedule, new academic demands, etc. Being in/around a town with which you are familiar can provide a sense of comfort amidst all these other changes.
    Plus, it can be a great social advantage: people will come to you for recommendations on what to see and do around town!

Want to know more about staying in-state for college? Watch this video and check out these web resources.

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