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Other Ways To Pay

College Savings Plans of Maryland

College Savings Plans also called "Section 529 plans", are considered one of the best options for saving for college education. There are two types of Section 529 plans: savings accounts and prepaid tuition plans.

Savings accounts plans allow parents to invest money that will grow according to how your chosen investments perform.

Prepaid tuition plans allow parents to purchase future units or semesters of education at today’s prices.

To find out more about Section 529 plans watch the video below and visit College Savings Plans of Maryland at http://www.collegesavingsmd.org. Also check out the College Savings Plans Network's website.

Here is some additional information to consider as you attempt to identify the best college savings plan for you.

Work-Study Programs

Depending on the financial aid available at the university, students may qualify for a work-study program. Work study allows students to work to earn money that will be used toward tuition and fees. The financial aid office will award a student work study in their financial aid award package. Students are usually not allowed to make more money in a work study job than has been allocated in their financial aid award. Most students get work-study jobs on campus, but some can be set up off-campus. To learn more about federal work-study, click here.

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