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Paying for College

There's no denying it: college is expensive.

But here's the good news: there are lots of resources available to help you pay for it.

 Here's how to start:

  • Visit FAFSA4caster to explore your financial aid options and get an early start on the process of applying for Federal Student Aid.
  • Visit the State of Maryland Financial Aid Programs to determine if you qualify for state financial aid programs as a Maryland resident.
  • Contact the financial aid offices at the colleges/universities your child is interested in attending and ask about the financial aid those institutions have to offer. (Here are some other questions you can ask to get a better sense of the financial aid scene at a given college).

Be sure to get your children involved. Encourage them to think about ways they can help to save and pay for college. Also, try these tips to help get a conversation about paying for college underway.

Once you receive financial aid offers, keep these things in mind.

Using these tips and resources, you'll be well on your way to identifying and capitalizing on sources of financial aid for which you and your family qualify.

For more information on paying for college, check out these two PowerPoint presentations:

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