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I am in 11th Grade

During junior year you will begin the college selection process. You will take standardized tests, begin visiting colleges, and will learn much about applying to college.

Parent and child

  • Request information from all the colleges and universities in which you have interest.
  • Attend college programs with your parents and meet with college representatives who visit your high school.
  • Talk to your guidance counselor. Your counselor will assist you in the college application process.
  •  Your junior year grades are often examined most closely in the admissions process so be sure to maintain good grades.
  • Take the PSAT in the fall of your junior year to help give you some indication of how you should prepare for the SAT.
  • Take the SAT or the ACT in the spring of your junior year. Doing so will allow you to receive the results in time to meet with your counselor to decide if you need to take the exam again in the fall.
  • Search for summer programs, workshops, internships and camps in your community or on college campuses, and participate in them.
  • Plan ahead by getting to know your teachers so that you know who will write you the most complete and accurate recommendation needed for your college application. Junior-year teachers are often the best to ask for a recommendation since you have been in their class for the last full academic year before applying to college.

Suggested 11th Grade Coursework:

  • Algebra II or an advanced math course, such as Trigonometry, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus.
  • English with emphasis on writing and critical reading.
  • Laboratory Science (Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Physics)
  • History
  • Enroll in Advanced Placement Courses if eligible. Consult with your school counselor

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