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Research Colleges and Universities

There are many online resources that have been created to  guide you as you research colleges and universities to attend.

When it comes to figuring out whether a college is right for you, nothing beats an in-person campus visit. Schedule one today!

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College and University Rankings

This is a collection of links to ratings and rankings. It also contains information about understanding the rankings and questioning the importance of rankings.

Peterson's Education Portal - College Search Page

This page allows you to search for colleges by major, by location, or by other criteria (average SAT score, average GPA, religious affiliation, etc.).

College Board Online

Information about college placement exams and Advanced Placement credit and placement. Also contains a College Search function that allows you to search for "colleges like" another college, and to do a "side-by-side" comparison of up to three institutions at once.

IPEDS College Opportunities On-Line

Search this database, from the National Center for Education Statistics, for colleges and universities by location, program, degree offerings or all three. You'll also find admissions information, such as number of applicants, percent of applicants admitted, percent of admitted students enrolled and also SAT/ACT scores.

The Princeton Review

Information about college rankings, SAT/ACT testing, financial aid, and resources to search colleges.

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Towson University Open House

Discover all Towson University has to offer!


SAT Exam Registration Deadline

Today is the last day to register for the December SAT!


Towson University Open House

Discover all Towson University has to offer!