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What You Can Do Now

Here are some things you can do now to help you get on the path to college.

Maintain your grades. Having a high grade point average (GPA) will show admissions officers that you are a serious student. If you are having trouble with the subject, ask your parents or teacher for help. Also check out these resources for help with homework and developing good study habits.

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Join a club or organization that will help you learn more about your career or help you develop skills that can be used in your career. Joining a club or organization will allow you to meet different people and expand your social circle.

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Read at least three books every month. Reading helps to build your vocabulary and critical thinking skills which will help to increase your scores on the SAT test. To get an idea on what you should read, ask your english teacher or librarian for a suggested reading list.

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Get a hobby. Finding a hobby will help you take a break from your studies giving you the chance to use your creativity and discover your personal interests and natural talents. Knowing your interests and natural talents can help you determine your strengths and what you may want to major in when you get to college.

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Be on your best behavior. Most colleges require students to turn in at least two recommendations from teachers or people from your community to help get a glimpse of your character. If you are troublesome, chances are no one from your school or community will want to recomend you.

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Volunteer. Giving your time to your community helps to build character. Volunteering gives you a chance to meet new people, learn new skills, and can be added to your college application. Check out the helpful resources section of this site to find out how you can volunteer in your community.

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Travel. Ask your parents to spend your summer or family vacation in different countries so that you can learn about various cultures. This can also help you decide if you would like to study abroad during your time in college.

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Research. Start researching colleges and the majors they offer. Speak with admissions officers, professors, and students who are majoring in the program you for which you are interested.

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Make the Most of Summertime. Learning doesn't have to stop when the school year ends. Sign up for summer camp to learn something new and interesting. It's a great way to build your resume and meet new people. Plus, some summer camps enable you to earn college credit. Check out these great ones offered by University System of Maryland institutions!

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